Books - Shortwave Utility Listening : Guide to Utility Radio Stations 2021-2022.

A stable shortwave communications receiver is required for serious non -voice utility monitoring.

HF Utility: Maritime, Aviation and Utility Frequencies. Aero, maritime, military, diplomatic, time stations and more.

This article is going to concentrate on monitoring the various Maritime "digital data" stations you will typically encounter on Shortwave.

Digital Utility listening is inherently more difficult than regular shortwave listening.

Utility stations are most prevalent on shortwave frequencies, though they are not restricted to the shortwave frequencies. Shortwave Utility Logs By Hugh Stegman and Mike Chace-Ortiz. Utility World By Hugh Stegman US Coast Guard Mobilizes for Hurricane Florence.


00. Navy Operations. Recommended Shortwave Radios.

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Shortwave Utility Logs By Mike Chace-Ortiz and Hugh Stegman.

AAQM monitoring was finalised as per IS 5182 methods. Many of today's decoders are also capable of translating Morse Code (CW).

It offers shortwave specific logging of stations, with most tasks handled automatically. Utility stations fire up the transmitter only when they need to communicate with someone.

Box 98 Brasstown, NC 28902 Tracking the Soviet Space Program One of the more interesting activities to monitor in the shortwave utility bands are the Soviet SESS tracking ships.

Everything from law enforcement to personal communications takes place on the shortwave bands.

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Sep 23, 2021. . By monitoring the various SESS net frequencies, the average monitor can determine what is happening within the Soviet manned space. Former “Utility World” columnist for Monitoring Times magazine for more than ten years. The world's best guide to non-broadcast stations in the range of 0 - 30 MHz. .

An all-band listening club, MARE publishes a bi-monthly print bulletin and a weekly e-mail loggings tip-sheet.

a video monitor or the decoder's own "marquis - like" display. Flight status updates.

9 MHz Radio Spectrum.



It offers shortwave specific logging of stations, with most tasks handled automatically.